The Wood House


The Wood House is exactly what is says on the tin – a wooden two storey bungalow with wooden flooring throughout and thatched roofing to keep the indoors cool perfect for the Paasikuda climate. The Wood House is an idyllic bungalow packed with rustic features to give you a true sense of reconnecting with The Cove’s natural surroundings.

Facilities include:


  • A large living area which includes 4 single beds
  • A spacious verandah with Sri Lanka’s famous easy chairs
  • Two toilets equipped with hot water


  • A large communal sleeping area with 8 single beds
  • A balcony which gives a panoramic view of the lagoon and the Cove’s plantation.


  • An outdoor shower which is open to the sky
  • Garage for 2 vehicles


The Wood House can accommodate groups of 12 people (including children).

The WoodHouse