Activity Centre – Adventure Cove

Canoeing/ Kayaking:

Colourful canoes can be hired with or without instructors to freely explore the surrounding lagoons and the rich mangrove lined waterways.


Bicycles are available for hiring for the day.


Beach Volleyball, Soccer, Cricket and beach rugby on site.

Boat trip:       

Indulge in a boat cruise to see  the Fishing harbour, Oddamawadi bridge, the mangroves , the Paasikuda bay  or  pack a picnic to the sand dune in the middle of the lagoon  across the  Cove to experience a natural  safe environment where our guests including children  can  sun bathe and  take a dip in the natural salt water. It is also an ideal spot for kids to enjoy unique activities such as “clam hunting” which is picking clams from the sand bed. Picnics by the water however is an extremely memorable experience to have.

Yoga & Meditation:               

Conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath